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Your Attendance

In becoming a student you have made a serious commitment to your personal and academic development and we expect you to engage actively in your programme.  Engagement includes attendance at lectures, seminars, practical sessions and so on plus making good use of the library and of electronic resources and submitting work on time.

We don't have an 'acceptable level' of absence because in principle we expect you to attend lectures and classes.  We understand on occasion you may have to miss a class for good reason but if this happens you will need to make sure that you keep up with the work. 

Accessing Your Attendance Portal

The new Student Portal allows you to: view your attendance record, review your swipe activity, view amend and delete any previously reported absences as well as submit new absences. It is very easy to use and can be accessed via a URL on your desktop, mobile or smartphone and tablet. If you are having any problems accessing your Attendance Portal, take a look at our handy guide below.

Download Button for the Green t4 Site

Attendance Portal Usage

Using your smartcard is easy, however to ensure your attendance record is correct in the student portal please follow the below guidance


  • You must use your Campus Card to record your attendance at every timetabled session. You do this by tapping your card against the fixed readers in teaching rooms.
  • Attend all of the sessions on your timetable - at the time they are scheduled and in the room they are scheduled.
  • Do not swap groups - only attend the group sessions on your timetable, if you attend a different session to the one on your timetable your swipe will be recorded but it will not be matched to your timetable and will not be counted towards your attendance %
  • Swipe into the room allocated on your timetable, do not swipe into another room.  if your lecturer moves rooms and he/she does not inform the timetabling team so your timetable can be updated, although your swipe will be recorded against the new room you've swiped into it will not match the room on your timetable and will not be counted towards your % attendance.
  • Do not swipe into class more than 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. If you swipe any earlier your swipe will be recorded but it will not be matched to your timetable session and will not be counted towards your % attendance.
  • If your academic is using a paper register this will not be input into the attendance monitoring system,you must also swipe your card at the reader.

Reported Absences

Reporting an absence does not mean you will receive an attendance mark, you will still be marked absent from your session(s) during the absence period, however an absence mark will be recorded against session(s) so academic staff will know you've been in touch and reported you will not be in class.  Absences will be taken into account when staff are reviewing attendance data and before sending any communications to students about non attendance.

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Campus Cards

In the event that your Campus Card is either lost or damaged, you should apply for a replacement immediately using the link on the online store. The cost of a replacement card is £10.

In the unfortunate event that your Campus Card is stolen, you should firstly report the theft to our Campus Police Officer. Our Campus Police Officer will provide you with a Crime Reference Number. You will then need to apply for a replacement via the online store - You will need to input your Crime Reference Number to proceed.


Attendance FAQs

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