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Your Results

Your results are very important to you, these are what identifies your academic performance within your assessments, modules and programme overall.

Accessing Your Results

Once your assessment board has met to discuss and approve your results, these will be conferred to you. After this period, your results will be available for you to view via e:Vision where you will also be able to produce your own academic transcript.

Current Students

For current students, transcripts are available via eVision.


For graduates, transcripts can be requested via our Alumni Team. If you are already a member of our online Alumni Community, then log in and click "Request a Transcript" under the Alumni Services section. If you are not a registered member, you will need to sign up at

Understanding Your Results

Once you have access to your results, you will be eager to know firstly if you've passed overall and secondly your performance in each individual module and/or assessment. We have put together a handy guide on how to understand your transcript that will take you through your transcript document and what it all means.

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Appealing an Academic Decision

If you feel that an academic decision made by an Assessment Board should be reconsidered you can raise an appeal against the academic decision. Prior to submitting an academic appeal, please ensure you have grounds to do so and have read through the policies and procedures in regards to student complaints, appeals and disciplinary procedures.

Results FAQs

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Submit a Results Enquiry

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