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Letters & Forms

We have a variety of letters & forms available to our students and graduates, the majority of which can be produced via our Self Service as well as from our Enquiry Desks across campus. If you can't find the letter or form you need, please take a look at our FAQs or Submit a Query

Notice for Letter Verifications
Due to the Governments guidance on social distancing, The Gateway has now moved services online for students and therefore physical letter production has stopped. In its place we are providing students with digital letters. We understand that organisations may require these letters on letterhead so in cases where an organisation requires verification, organisations will be provided with a supporting letter alongside the student status letter confirming our position. Take a look at our Letter Verification supporting document.

Organisations should also be prompted to use the contact details on the letter provided if further verification is required.


From time to time, both during and after your studies you may be required to obtain official documents from the University of Sunderland to prove your student status for a variety of different reasons. Please see below a list of the common letters The Gateway Enquiry Desk can provide and where to get them from.

Attendance Letter

The Attendance Letter confirms that you are a student here at the University of Sunderland. It confirms your mode of study whether full time or part time, as well as the course you have enrolled onto and also the course start date and expected end date. This letter is made out "To whom it may concern" and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Bank Letter

The Bank Letter confirms that you are a student here at the University of Sunderland for the current academic year for the purpose of opening up a Student Bank account, or alternatively switching your current account to a student account.

It confirms your mode of study whether full time or part time, as well as the course you have enrolled onto and also the course start date and expected end date. The letter also notes the two addresses we have for you; your home address and term time address as well as personal details such as your Date of Birth and Nationality.

The letter includes a statement for our Overseas students which advises the Banking provider that the University is registred with the UK Visas & Immigration Office.

Please note, the letter is made out to the specific Banking provider, therefore we advise that you take a look around at each provider to see which provider is suitable for your banking needs. The Gateway do not recommend Banking providers.

Council Tax Letter

The Council Tax Letter confirms that you are a student here at the University of Sunderland for council tax purposes so that the local council can issue you an exemption or discount.

Working Letter

If you are an International student studying with us on a Tier 4 visa, you may have restrictions on the amount of working hours you are allowed to participate in during term time. Our Working Letter will give the employer details of your student status, the next vacation period for your programme of study as well as guidance on the rules and regulations surrounding your working restrictions.

You can pick up a Working Letter from either of our Enuqiry Desks across Campus, or alternatively you could Submit a Query and we will be able to respond with an electronic copy of your Working Letter.


For current students, transcripts are available via eVision.

For graduates, transcripts can be requested via our Alumni Team. If you are already a member of our online Alumni Community, then log in and click "request a Transcript" under the Alumni Services section. If you are not a registered member, you will need to sign up at

Letter FAQs

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If you would like to request a change to your academic circumstances, or need to apply for anything in particular you may be required to complete a form. Below is a list of the Forms we can provide as well as where you can get them from.

Certificate Request Form

When you are due to graduate, our Certificates Team will be in touch in regards to where you would like us to send your degree certificate to. This form allows you to request alternative methods for collecting your degree parchment.

Change of Study Mode

If you want to change your study mode, whether it's from full time to part time, or from part time to full time, please use this form to request this. Please note international students who hold tier 4 visas are unable to change their study mode.

Extension Request

If you require additional time to submit an assessment, your programme leader may be able to authorise a 72 hour extension. This form is a formal request for an extension and must be completed prior to the original assessment submission deadline.

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are exceptional circumstances that are outside of your control that have prevented you from completing or taking part in an assessment. You should always contact your programme leader and inform them of your concerns and seek advice about asking for an extension or applying for Extenuating circumstances.

Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence refers to a period of time formally granted to a current registered student to be absent from their studies. The period of leave requested would render the student unable to successfully complete their current semester, year or academic stage. Please note if you are an international student and have a Tier 4 Visa please contact our International Student Support Team for advice on the implications a Leave of Absence will have on your immigration status.

Module Change

If you are eligible to change a module on your course for another, and you have spoken to your programme leader about this already, this form will allow you to request modules to be changed.

Timetable Change

If you have a timetable clash and would like to change your group to a time more suitable for you, this form will request a timetable change for a specific class. Please note, submitting this request will change your timetbale for the whole semester and/or academic year for the classes specified.

Transfer Request

If you are thinking of changing your programme of study, you will need to complete a transfer request to do so. Please note this form requires the signature of your current programme leader, and the programme leader of the course you wish to transfer to. If you are a student with a Tier 4 Visa, our International Student Support Team will also need to discuss the implications that a transfer may have on your immigration status.

Form FAQs

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