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Covid Journal (e:Vision)

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Covid Journal (e:Vision)

The Covid Journal on e:Vision is here to help you keep track of your Covid tests, isolation and vaccinations records. Once you update your Covid Journal you will be able to see whether you meet the criteria to be able to attend on campus facilities.

The Covid Journal is here to support you and help keep the University community safe.

You can access the Covid Journal on e:Vision.

Accessing the Covid Journal

The Covid Journal can be accessed on e:Vision.

Once you log in to eVision you will be able to see COVID19 as a tab at the top of your page. Once you click into the tab you will be able to access:

  • Covid Journal reporting - this will allow you to add an entry to your Covid Journal as applicable to you.
  • Covid Summary - this will show you a summary of your latest journal entries.
  • Covid Journal - this will show you all of your entries into your Covid Journal.
  • Covid Information - this will provide you links to useful resources such as GOV.UK, Office for Students and section which points to useful links such as GOV.UK & Office for Students guidance as well as guidance sent out via the University.

Using the Covid Journal

If you are planning on coming on campus whether this is for face-to-face teaching or for use of facilities such as the Library, you will need to complete your Covid Journal as applicable to your circumstances.

I have had a positive PCR NHS test in the last 90 days
If you have had a positive PCR test via the NHS in the last this option will allow you to input the date of your test. This then logs this to your Covid Journal which will also show the period of when your isolation for the positive test ended.

I have had a negative PCR NHS test, or one negative LFD test within the last 3 days
If you have had a negative PCR (NHS) or one negative LFD test in the last 3 days you can log this here. you will be asked which type of test you took as well as the date. This will log the information on your Covid Journal.

I have had a 2nd negative LFD test within the last 3 days and that test was within 3 days of the first LFD test i.e. you have had two negative LFD tests not more than 3 days apart

I am currently self-isolating for 10 days and/or will have completed a period of self-isolation for 10 days prior to coming on to campus
If you are currently self-isolating, or plan to start a self-isolation period you can log this here. You will be asked to confirm the start date of your self-isolation and then this will provide you information on your Covid Journal on when your isolation is due to end.

I have had a COVID vaccination
If you have completed the course of your Covid vaccination (received 2 doses) you can log this here.

None of the above

Reporting Symptoms or Positive Tests

If you are presenting symptoms of Covid19 there will be no need for you to input entries into your Covid Journal on eVision as you should not come onto campus.

You should follow NHS guidance in regards to getting a free PCR Covid Test and should self-isolate until you receive your results and further instructions from the NHS.

You will need to inform the University of your symptoms and/or your positive test via our Covid Report Form.