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Covid19 - Current Student Guidance

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Covid19 - Current Student Guidance

Here we have a whole host of Frequently Asked Questions that we've answered in regards to the Covid19 pandemic.

These include general university questions along with specific questions around learning, teaching and assessments, university managed accommodation and questions dedicated to our international student community. 

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Joining us on Campus

We have host of Frequently Asked Questions that we've answered in regards to our asymptomatic testing on campus plan as well as what this means for face-to-face teaching and placements.

These include general questions about what we're asking you to do before you come onto campus, the type of testing that's carried out as well as specific questions around the process and recording your results.

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Managing Covid19

For all questions regarding spotting and managing symptoms of Covid19 and how to stop the spread of the virus. Here you will also be able to find out what to do if you have symptoms, as well as if you have tested positive so we can provide the right support.

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Teaching, Assessments & Results FAQs

Here we answer common questions in relation to the teaching on a programme as well as how assessments and results will work.

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Accommodation FAQs

For all questions relating to University managed accommodation.

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International Student FAQs

For all questions regarding international students, including questions on the impact of Covid19 on visas as well as travel.

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General University FAQs

For general questions in regards to the University and how Covid19 has changed the way we do things.

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