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How can I get a Private Covid Test?

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The government has advised that as many students as possible should take a Covid 19 test, even if they do not have symptoms, before they travel home for the winter break. The priority though is for students in universities and/or cities with a high prevalence of Covid 19.

As positive cases at the University of Sunderland are relatively low, and a high percentage of our students commute to and from university, we will not be offering mass testing on campus.

If you require a Covid test as you are showing symptoms of Covid19, please book your test via the NHS. 

If you require a private Covid test, you should do research into private test providers as they all offer slightly different tests, from Antigen tests to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests. Some countries may requires specific tests to be performed prior to your travel, you will need to ensure to confirm which test you need before booking. Please confirm this with your embassy or travel provider. Private tests do cost and costs can vary dependent on the type of test, turnaround period and provider.

A few private Covid test providers are:

Newcastle Airport (£99) - This is a PCR test that is carried out at the NPH facility at Newcastle Airport. You receive results back via email within 36-48 hours so the test must be booked in adequate time before your flight. Upon receiving your results, you will be issued a 'Fit to Fly' certificate.

Boots (£120) - This test is a PCR test that is carried out in store. Prior to the test you need to ensure to fill in the registration form, make a payment and book a date and time for your test via Boots' ReCoVa-19 portal. 
Lloyds Pharmacy (£119) - This test is a swab test, sometimes referred to as PCR test. This is a postal service test kit and estimated dates for results is 3 working days.
Private Harley Street Clinic (£149-350) - This provider has a range of tests that you can purchase with differing response times. 
Assured Screening (£69 - £109) - From postal testing to on site testing, this provider is able to do both and provide certificates for travel purposes.
Doctorcall (£69 - £120) - This provider has both the antibody test and swab test and only offer home testing kits.

Please note, the University does not endorse or recommend specific testing providers nor advise on the best tests. The above listed providers are a sample of what's available.