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Engage is just like a fitness app, but tracks how you engage with learning. It lets you know how you’re doing on one easy to use dashboard. Only you and select staff can see how you are doing.

What is Engage?

We want you to gain as much as possible from your studies and recognise that studying for a degree is a huge commitment.

There is a very strong association between levels of engagement and successful progression and degree outcomes, and Engage is a new system which will help you reflect on the way that you are engaging with your studies and understand where you might – if necessary – improve on that.

It is designed as an additional source of data to use, alongside more traditional sources such as your marks, attendance, and feedback from academic staff. Engage looks at a range of activities (Canvas, library and electronic resource borrowing, journal access, printing and attendance) and produces an overall engagement rating for you – and enables you to compare that with an average for your peers on your course. This can help you understand when you’re doing well, and when you might need some support from the University.