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The University of Sunderland’s SU are an organization that will help you lobby the university and change any aspect of your student experience. Campaigning is about identifying an issue, changing something that you think is unfair, or making an idea a reality – it does not have to be political. All campaigns should be about more than raising awareness, they should be about making measurable and lasting changes that encourage and mobilise other students to get involved.

Here are a few examples of some student campaigns which have made a real difference on campus:

WEAR OVER PAYING is a great example of students getting involved in university business and making a change. Originally, students only received one free ticket for their graduation ceremony. After successful lobbying by students, the University now offers two free tickets at graduation ceremonies, saving you £55.

A campaign focused around the high expense of sanitary products provides a further example of students getting involved to change things on campus. Due to this campaign, the SU now provides free sanitary products for students.

If you would like to change anything about the University, or have a campaign idea that you would like the SU to work on, please visit their Make It Happen page! Make It Happen also allows you to find funding, submit ideas for societies, and offers information on what’s on around campus.

The SU also has many great volunteering opportunities for you get involved with. These range from becoming a Course Rep, a Buddy, or just some one off volunteering opportunities that will look great on your CV!

As a Course Rep, you would be taking on one of the most important and useful roles available during your time at university. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved in your own, and fellow student’s education. Being a Course Rep, you will have the chance to make positive changes and bring solutions to your course, which can aid in improving the academic experience of those around you.


Become a Buddy and share some amazing experiences with a fellow student. You can pass on all of your top tips on making the most of student life! Your SU will provide you with training and support throughout your time in the role. You’ll develop your communication and leadership skills which will be fantastic for your CV. Alternatively, get a Buddy who can help you transition into university life.

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