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I am a Carer

Student carers are defined as any student that provides unpaid support to someone who could not manage without it. This can be anyone from a relative, a friend or a partner who are dealing from mental health issues, physical conditions, substance misuse, or even just old age.

Are you a carer?

Unpaid carers in higher education are becoming an increasing presence. Carers therefore often find it hard to balance academic work and their duties at home, and are increasingly likely to suffer from financial issues as a result. We are here to offer as much support as we can, by signposting you to relevant services that can help you cope with juggling caring and studying.

What support is available?

One of the best resources for student carers is Carers Trust, who offer a range of different types of support. They work with Network Partners who offer services all over the country, with Sunderland Carers Centre being close to City Campus.

Sunderland Carers Centre offer support, confidentiality, and advice for unpaid carers in the region. They are a volunteer run registered charity that can help unpaid carers that are struggling find their feet.

To find out more about what they can offer you in terms of support, call them on 01915493768

To fill in a self-referral form, visit their website at http://www.sunderlandcarers.co.uk/self-referral/

Taking care of yourself

While your caring duties may take centre stage, you must not neglect your own health and wellbeing as a result. It is vital that you take time during your day to make sure you are well and feel good, otherwise your health will deteriorate as a result.

Carers Trust have an excellent section on their website that details how you can look after yourself, with tips such as stress management, cooking on a budget, and help with sleep problems.

Visit their website here https://carers.org/article/taking-care-yourself

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Here you'll find the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion page which features case studies, FAQ's and reports.





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