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Students interacting in group.

Life Skills

University is without doubt one of the best places to foster important life skills. From social interaction to productivity, the tools and skills you will hone at the University of Sunderland will stay with you for the rest of your life, and help you make an easy transition into the working world!

Here are some examples of the skills you will learn whilst studying at the University of Sunderland:

  • Leadership – Whether you are working on a group project as part of a seminar or organizing an event with the SU, your leadership skills will be important in making sure it is successful. The ability to identify goals and encourage the group will be vital in the project’s success.
  • Productivity – It is no secret that university is a busy time in your life. You will most likely have assignments from different lecturers due around the same time, meaning that you must develop certain skills in order to successfully complete your course. Through finding this balance you will develop both time management skills as well as the ability to plan a schedule; both are things that employers are always on the lookout for.
  • Social Skills – One of the best places to develop your social skills is in the seminar room and the lecture hall. You will be interacting with both your lecturer and your peers, having discussions about your course and getting to know one another. Interacting like this can lead to both friendship and networking outside of the course, things that will be vital when you finish your education.
  • Initiative – Learning to think critically and take initiative in university is important. You will have to create, plan, and research your own assignments – your lecturer can only help you so much. Learning to take control of your own academic experience is vital at the university level. Your learning does not end when the lecture is finished!

Skills for Life

The Wellbeing team offer Skills for Life sessions across term time. These sessions aim to prepare students with skills that they will find useful not just during their time at University but beyond. To find out more about them email wellbeing@sunderland.ac.uk

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