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Disability Support standards

The Disability Support Team provides information and learning support to disabled students, students with mental health difficulties, students with Specific Learning Difficulties and those who have long term medical conditions.

For the purposes of this document 'students' mean students with disabilities, mental health difficulties, students with Specific Learning Difficulties and those who have long term medical conditions..

Disability Support adheres to the policies and principles of the University, including the Equality and Diversity Policy, the Health and Safety Policy and the Data Protection Policy.

Disability Support is located at Edinburgh Building Level 1, City Campus.

The purpose of Disability Support

The service includes:

  • the provision of information on the range of learning support and facilities available to students
  • identifying and documenting the learning support requirements of individual students
  • liaison with other University staff in relation to Students' learning support needs
  • liaison with external organisations and individuals in relation to students' learning support needs.

What Disability Support provides

The service provides:

  • general information and guidance for applicants on the learning support available at the University
  • information, guidance and assistance to enrolled students in relation to learning support
  • an opportunity for students to meet in confidence with a member of the Disability Support Team to discuss their learning support needs
  • information to other University faculty and service staff on students' learning support needs, with prior agreement from Students
  • non-academic tutorial support to students, where appropriate.

Students will be offered an initial appointment with a member of staff for no later than 10 working days after the date of their original inquiry to Disability Support, unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

What we expect from students

The service expects that Students will:

  • provide written verification, by a recognised expert, of their condition or impairment
  • take responsibility for acting upon information received and/or strategies agreed with the service
  • give timely, honest and accurate information and feedback
  • keep appointments or give fair notice if they are unable to attend
  • return any equipment or technology borrowed in time and in good condition.

Monitoring Service provision and standards

To maintain high quality support to students, Disability Support continuously evaluates its work against appropriate standards and seeks feedback from its users.

Disability Support complies with relevant Higher Education standards and guidance and also with the criterion set and audited by the Quality Assurance Agency.

The University's own standards include a range of equality and diversity policies that have been developed in accordance with the principles and objectives of legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Equality Duty. For example this includes the University's Disability Equality Scheme and Disability Action Plan.

The service encourages Students to provide feedback directly to staff or by completing feedback forms, which are available at Disability Support offices. You can leave feedback at any time.

Additionally feedback can be given:

  • to the Disability Working Party, either as an individual, or through a representative of their Student Union, or via their own nominated representative
  • via other established University mechanisms such as the Disability Equality Duty Working Group.

The Disability Support Team uses the above processes to assist planning and development and to keep in touch with the needs of students.

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