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Confidentiality Policy


Confidentiality Statement

The Wellbeing Service at the University of Sunderland provides a confidential service to Students. This aims to protect the Student’s interests and to ensure a relationship of trust between you and the service.

Definition and limitations of Confidentiality

Everyone working within the service will treat all information discretely with sensitivity and respect, working in adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998 Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the University of Sunderland Data Protection Policy. Information disclosed will remain confidential on a “need to know” basis within the team unless there are exceptional circumstances where, in the interests of safeguarding, members of staff have a duty to of care to share with a third party

The exceptional circumstances include the following:

  • If a student discloses an intended act of treason, or terrorism (Terrorism Act 2000);
    • If a student discloses ongoing abuse of, risk or danger to a child (Children Act 2004);
    • If a student is presenting at risk of serious harm to themselves or others
    • If a member of Wellbeing Staff is required by a court of law, or an officer of the law, to give
    • If a student requests that we pass on information on to a third party we will obtain their
    written consent before disclosure

Confidentiality will be maintained in most circumstances of client disclosure regarding past or anticipated illegal behaviour (including the personal use of illegal drugs) – however, this cannot be guaranteed and will be risk assessed on an individual basis.

Confidentiality and Record Keeping

We operate an electronic diary and appointment system, records are held of clients who access the service on a database, this and any written information held are stored confidentially and only accessible to members of the Wellbeing team on a “need to know “ basis. Student records and student information are held and retained in adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998 Data Protection Act 2018, the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the University of Sunderland Data Protection Policy. If you have any queries on how we use your data you may contact the University Data Protection Officer at Dataprotection@sunderland.ac.uk

Your information may also be shared with our partner Home Group, who work closely with Wellbeing to provide additional support out of hours. This may be used for the purpose of welfare check ins and assessments. You can find details of their confidentiality policy at: Home Group | Privacy policy

Confidentiality and Supervision

As part of the ongoing professional development of staff all members of the Wellbeing team receive clinical supervision.
All cases discussed in supervision are anonymous and no identifiable information is shared.

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