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PANDA budgeting tool

Our PANDA budgeting tool is free and available solely for University of Sunderland students to use. We developed PANDA in-house here at the University of Sunderland, to help our students keep track of their money and to budget ahead each term.

You can use PANDA either as part of the University of Sunderland app (which also includes academic timetables, bus and metro times, computer availability, library information and much more) or by using our web version on this page. Just use your University of Sunderland log-in and password to gain access.

So what does PANDA do?

PANDA allows you to enter your expected income and outgoings over a term and calculate how much money you will have left, which can then be shown as a daily, weekly or monthly amount. This helps you to keep track of your spending, enabling you to stick to a budget so that you don't overspend and get into financial difficulty. It is very easy to use, and there are instructions and a Help section to guide you along the way if you need them.

Don't forget that the Student Financial Guidance Team is here to help you too. So, for free, student-focused, confidential guidance contact us about help in working out a budget or any other financial issues.

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