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University Chaplains

The full time University Chaplain is the Reverend Chris Howson. He is based within Student Support Services, 1st Floor Edinburgh, City Campus or at the Interfaith Chaplaincy Centre, St Peter's Campus, SR6 0AN

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Meet The Chaplains


University Chaplain

Chris Howson Profile

Chris Howson

Email: Chris.Howson@sunderland.ac.uk

Phone: 07846099643 

Reverend Chris Howson is the University Chaplain, he hosts many events and walks that are open to all students to attend.

Every Tuesday at 7pm-8pm our Chaplain Chris Howson hosts the Global Friendship Evening! This is a social event for all students at UOS to meet and get to know each other. All current and former Sunderland Uni students welcome to join in. To get involved just contact Chris.Howson@sunderland.ac.uk for more details.

Muslim Chaplain

Yusuf Meah Profile

Imam Yusuf Meah

The University Imam is Yusuf Meah and he can be contacted via the methods listed below. He leads Friday prayers at the Helen McArdle Building (formally Shackleton Building)

Phone: 07888645945

Email: yusuf.meah@sunderland.ac.uk 

Yusuf Meah is the Imam for the Islamic Society at the University and a member of the Chaplaincy Team. He is available on request via the chaplaincy office or direct by telephone. He leads Friday prayers and supports Muslim members of the university community.

Catholic Chaplain

Rebecca Chaplaincy
Catholic lay Chaplain - Rebecca Leighton 
Rebecca took up the role of Lay Catholic Chaplain in December 2021. She has been involved in Youth Ministry since leaving school when she joined the Diocesan Youth Ministry team and worked with Young People all over the North East. She studied Theology at Leeds Trinity University before returning to the North East to work. She is a huge football fan and loves spending time with her family. Rebecca is based in the Upper Room above St Mary’s Church hall on Bridge Street.
The Catholic Chaplaincy is based at St Mary's RC Church, Bridge Street, Sunderland, SR1 1TQ (call:  0191 567 5354)
Social Media links:
Instagram: @sunderlandcathsoc https://www.instagram.com/sunderlandcathsoc
Facebook: Sunderland Catholic Chaplaincy https://www.facebook.com/sunderlandcatholic
TikTok: @suncathchap

Egyptian Coptic Orthodox

Contact the University Chaplain - Chris Howson for further information. Chris.Howson@sunderland.ac.uk 

Sikh Chaplain

Gurpreet Singh

Phone: 0191 515 3211

Email: gurpreet.singh@sunderland.ac.uk

Gurpreet is a principal lecturer in the Design Department at the University. He is a Trustee of the Gurdwara Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas in West Way, South Shields and takes part in the services there on Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 7.30pm.

There is a very active Sunderland Gurdwara close to campus.

Buddhist Chaplain

Graeme Profile

Graeme Jobes

Phone: 07899008278 

Email: Graeme.jobes@sunderland.ac.uk 

Graeme is a teacher in the tradition of Soto Zen Buddhism.  He received Buddhist precepts in 2017 and leads the Sunderland Zen Group which part of the Wild Goose Sanga. 

Meditation and mindfulness sessions are available to students and staff every Wednesday at 1.30pm (currently on Teams – please contact Graeme for details)

There is a Meditation (In the Soto Zen tradition) session every Sunday at 6pm (currently on Zoom  - please contact Graeme for details)


Val Profile

Valerie Blackett

Email: valblackett@googlemail.com

Val is the University’s Humanist Chaplain who provides specific support for humanists, atheists and secularists. She is a member of the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network of Humanists UK.

Please contact Val if you wish to find out more about humanism, or if you would like to talk to someone who isn’t religious about your fears, hopes, anguish, questions of meaning and purpose, or sense of loss and bereavement. Or simply, if you would like to talk to a friendly face away from home.

Quaker Chaplain

Roland Buckingham - bh26cm@research.sunderland.ac.uk 

Roland Buckingham is a research student in the School of Art and Design and a non-theistic Quaker. He is very interested in Chinese art and is a keen cyclist. He is excited to promote the Quaker values of peace, equality and justice, truth and integrity, simplicity, and sustainability at the University.


Other Contacts

There are also contacts with the local Jewish community and independent church denominations. Please contact Chris Howson - University Chaplain for details. Chris.Howson@Sunderland.ac.uk 

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