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Letters on Demand

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Published on 11 January 2021

Student on a laptop
Student on a laptop

We offer a self-service option where you can print your own Attendance Letter from eVision on demand. An Attendance Letter confirms your student status with us at the University and can be used for confirmation of your study details. 

How to:

  1. Log in to eVision and select your programme of studies
  2. Select ‘Print Supporting Letter'
  3. Select Attendance Letter from the drop down
  4. Preview your letter following the on screen instructions
  5. Once your letter is generated and you see this in your Web Browser, use your Web Browser to print.
  6. Go to the File menu on your Web Browser
  7. Press Print & Select Adobe PDF from your printer list (you may also want to adjust the fit of the print from ‘shrink to fit’ to ‘100%)

Need more?

If you require more information on a letter you would need to Submit an Enquiry on Compass confirming the exact details you will need on a letter. Gateway Enquiries will then be able to take a look at your request and produce a letter for you