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Flying Start

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Flying Start

Flying Start has been designed to help you understand what studying at University really means. It also has a pre-arrival activity that is related to your induction week which you will need to complete.

As you will discover, university is quite different from school or college, but with help from your lecturers and tutors you will quickly adapt and learn how to study effectively and independently in your new environment.

Take your time over the next few weeks to work through the four sections of Flying Start. Each one introduces new information about your course, support and the University. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions throughout which will be answered by University staff.

We at the university feel very strongly about students transitioning correctly into higher education, whatever stage you are in your learning journey, Flying Start, plus other initiatives at the University, help with giving students a solid start to their time with us here at Sunderland.  

Within Flying Start there are prearrival activities that link into a student’s induction week, other activities and information are ready to explore around the support students receive and can access.  

What is important is students can engage with the content from 4-6 weeks before the start of their course and then revisit it at their own pace, it’s also a great resource to refer to as they study with the sections set out in line with their academic year.   


What to expect

Flying Start is set up on Canvas and is split into key sections. These sections are bite-size chunks of information on key aspects of your student journey and include:

  • System Orientation
  • Induction and Welcome week
  • Your first Few weeks
  • Your Course Assessment and Support
  • Your Course Going Forward
  • My Next Steps 


We have seen many benefits from students Engaging with Flying Start, those students that undertake the module are 50% less likely to withdrawal from university, and 80% of our University of Sunderland in London students who completed flying start finished their degrees with either 2.1 or 1st class classifications.

Students also feedback that they felt greater sense of belonging to the University and felt well prepared to start their studies after completing the module 


To get access to the module students will receive emails informing them when they can enrol via MyApplication, the enrolment process will take a couple of minutes 

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Flying Start FAQs

Here we have put together a range of frequently asked questions that can help you triage and self manage any questions you may have on the flying start module from how to log in through to how to engage with it.

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