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International Document Collection

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International Document Collection

It is very important as part of your enrolment at the University of Sunderland that you provide us with all of your immigration documents and contact details while here in the U.K.

As per the International Agreement you have accepted you MUST supply us with the information below so we can update our records.

How to Provide Documents

When you have completed your online enrolment, you will automatically receive an email titled "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED - Full Enrolment Pending International Document Collection" to your student email address.

This will detail the required documents/information we require and the method of providing these to the University.

Your Passport

A passport is a travel document issued by a country’s government to its citizens that verifies the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel.

The University needs the photograph page of your passport. The photograph page is the page that shows your photograph along with your personal details. Please note all images must include all 4 corners, be clearly legible and not obscured in any way.

An example of the passport photograph page

UK Entry Clearance

Entry Clearance is the procedure used by Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) at British missions overseas to check, before a person arrives in the UK, if that person qualifies under the Immigration Rules for entry to the UK.

The Entry Clearance Vignette acts as a temporary visa that is often valid for a month which provides time for you to obtain your Biometric Residence Permit when  you arrive in the U.K. This will contain a photograph of you alongside personal details of yourself and information on the type of visa and your sponsor details.

The University requires the full page of this document which should include all 4 corners, be clearly legible and not obscured in any way

An example of a UK Entry Clearance vignette

Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a card that is a secure identity card which contains personal details and biometric information for those who have permission (a visa) to come to the U.K. for more than 6 months. The card contains vital information on both sides, therefore the University requires both the front of the BRP card as well as the back of the BRP card.

Copies must include all 4 corners, be clearly legible and not obscured in any way.

You will need to provide your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) prior to the expiry of your UK Entry Clearance.  If you are unable to do so, please provide your proof of application from the Home Office. 

As soon as you receive your BRP please provide this to the University

An  example of the front of a BRP card

An image of the back of a BRP card

View and Prove your Immigration Status Service

If you have used the above service and not been issued with a physical Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Card please log into your GOV.UK account and provide the evidence of your visa to the University. 

Address and Contact Details

We require you to let us know the below information:

Overseas Home Address - This should be the address of where you live overseas when not in the UK Please ensure to include any specific details of your address such as the province, state, country and postal/zip codes

UK Contact Address - This should be the address details of where you live in the UK during your studies. Always ensure to include your full address details and include any Room, Block, Flat or Floor numbers as well as post codes.

Personal Email Address – This should be something other than the student email address the University has created for you.

All Telephone / Mobile Numbers – The university should be able to use this to contact you when you are both studying and during holiday periods.

Entry Stamp or eGate

An Entry Stamp is the name given to a date stamp that is placed in your passport by Border Control when you arrive in the UK This will either be stamped on your Entry Clearance page or in another page on your passport. Please note if your entry stamp is located on your Entry Clearance Vignette, please provide this.

The Entry Stamp will show details of your entry into the UK which will include the date and location of your entry.

Image of an entry stamp on a passport

Image of an entry stamp on an entry clearance vignette

If you have entered the country using an eGate please provide your boarding card / flight information.

Example  of an eGate certificate

Example  of an eGate certificate