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Timetables are how you know when and where your classes are.

During Welcome Week you will have a bespoke, personalised Induction Timetable to follow. Once Welcome Week has came to an end, you will access all the information on your classes through your Academic Timetable.

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View your Induction Timetable

Induction Timetable

Your Induction Timetable is your guide to your first weeks schedule at the University.

During Induction Week you will access all your scheduled sessions through your Induction Timetable which will be focused around your individual programmes needs and is bespoke to you. Some programmes will have induction sessions scheduled into Welcome Week.


Academic Timetable

Your Academic Timetable shows you everything you need to know about your class schedule. Your timetable will tell you what and when your classes are as well as who is taking them.

Your Academic Timetable will start once your Induction Timetable is completed.