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e:Vision is the portal that allows you to view your transcripts, produce your own letters and manage your own record. You'll be able to keep us updated with any changes to your address or bank details at any time.

There's also a whole host of other tasks you can perform on e:Vision such as Online Module Choices and much more.


Once your assessments have been marked, you will be able to access your results on e:Vision.

Your transcript will be made available and you'll be able to see both your individual academic year transcript that will show your individual year marks which will include individual assessment marks or your overall transcript which will show and overview of your module and programme marks.

You can simply print this out yourself or save it as a PDF in the same way that you'd produce your own letters.

Produce Letters

The Self Service feature on e:Vision will allow you to view and produce your own letters that you can either print or save as a PDF.

The letter will show your student status at the University and will include name, programme title as well as the start and end date and is a letter that is accepted across a variety of organisations. 

How to

  1. Log in to eVision and select your programme of studies
  2. Select 'Print Supporting Letter'
  3. Select Attendance Letter from the drop down
  4. Preview your letter following the on screen instructions
  5. Once your letter is generated and you see this in your Web Browser, use your Web Browser to print.
  6. Go to the File menu on your Web Browser
  7. Press Print & Select Adobe PDF from your printer list (you may also want to adjust the fit of the print from 'shrink to fit' to '100%)

Update your Details

e:Vision allows you to manage your own information from your contact address to the bank account for any scholarships or bursary payments.

When you have logged in to :Vision you will be able to see options to 'Update your address details or 'Set up your bank details'. These options allow you to keep us updated with any changes you may have.


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e:Vision Troubleshooting & FAQs

Here we have put together answers to common questions around e:Vision that includes troubleshooting support for when you need to navigate around e:Vision.

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