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Emergency Loans FAQs

The following is a selection of questions that we are commonly asked about Emergency Loans from the University. 

Can I apply for an Emergency loan?

Loans are available to currently registered 'UK Home' students if there has been a delay in payment of the first instalment of Student Finance funding. They are designed to help with day-to-day living costs such as food and travel.

How much can I borrow?

Students can apply for an Emergency Loan at the lower rate* of £35 (£45 for London students) or the higher rate of £70 (£90 for London students).

*The lower rate applies to students receiving the 'parental home' rate of student loan.

When do I have to repay the loan?

Repayment of the loan must be made within 10 working days of your first instalment of student loan/grants.

Will I be charged interest on an Emergency Loan?

No, you will not be charged interest. Our university Emergency Loans are interest-free.

How do I apply for an Emergency Loan?

Students should contact either:

University of Sunderland
Student Support Fund Team
1st Floor, Edinburgh Building 
Chester Road 
Sunderland SR1 3SD.

Tel: 0191 5152090/2946/2933
email: studentsupportfund@sunderland.ac.uk

University of Sunderland in London
The Gateway
197 Marsh Wall
Isle of Dogs
London E14 9SG

Tel: 020 7531 7333
email: gateway-london@sunderland.ac.uk


How soon will I receive the loan?

We aim to provide the loan on the same day as your application - although this can depend on the timing of your application.

How is the Emergency Loan paid to me?

If you are approved an Emergency Loan, it will be paid into your University of Sunderland 'StudyPlus' (Aspire) account. You can then transfer this into your own UK bank account.

You will receive detailed instructions on this when you are approved your Emergency Loan, to guide you step-by-step through the process. 


How do I repay my Emergency Loan?

After you receive your Emergency Loan we will follow this up with an invoice which will be emailed to you.  This will also include the date by which you need to repay the loan.

You can repay the loan either online at https://services.sunderland.ac.uk/payportal or over the phone by calling 0191 5152455.

What if my SFE funding is delayed beyond the loan repayment date?

If your SFE funding is further delayed, beyond your original Emergency Loan repayment date, you can apply for a further Emergency Loan. To make a further application you will need to speak to our Student Financial Guidance Team so they can help you to check the progress of your Student Finance funding. We would advise you to contact them in good time before your Loan repayment date if you know that your funding will be delayed further.

What if my Emergency Loan runs out before the end of the loan period?

Your Emergency Loan is intended to help with basic living costs such as travel and food to enable you to attend University. It is expected to last until the repayment date and we are unable to provide any further loans before the end of the loan period.

If you do find yourself in financial hardship before the end of the loan period we would advise you to speak to the Student Financial Guidance Team to see if they can give you any advice for your situation.

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