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As a full-time student, do I have to pay tax on my part-time earnings?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes - if your income is high enough.

Your earned income is taxable, so you do have to pay income tax like everyone else if you earn over the HMRC's 'personal allowance'. For the latest information on Income Tax Rates and Personal Allowances, please see Income tax rates & Personal Allowances  Therefore, if your earned income is under that figure, you will not need to pay tax.

You need to make sure you are paying the correct amount of tax and that your employer knows that you are a full-time student so that your earnings are recorded on the correct tax code. If you have been paying tax on an incorrect tax code and you earn only a small amount over the financial year, you may be entitled to a Income Tax Refund

Check out Student jobs paying tax and Tax Guide for Students for quick, simple information and guidance on tax.

Do I have to pay maintenance through the Child Support Agency to my ex-partner and child, if I am a full-time student?

At present, the CSA makes allowances for full-time students who are in receipt of Student Finance only, usually exempting them from payment or reducing the payments to a minimal amount. You can, of course, continue to make voluntary maintenance payments if your income allows.

You will need to prove that your only income is from Student Finance (maintenance loan, and any grants) and request that CSA reconsider your payments due to your income situation as a full-time student.

Further information can be found here

I am a single parent and have started University this year. I thought I would be able to manage but I have a large bill for nursery charges for my children and will struggle to pay it.

You should be able to apply to your Student Finance office for help with your nursery costs, as long as it is registered childcare provision, through the ChildCare Grant. (If you are from England then your Student Finance office will be Student Finance England. Scottish students apply to SAAS, and Welsh and Northern Irish students apply to Student Finance Wales and Student Finance NI respectively).

The maximum support is 85% of your registered childcare costs. There may also be help available through the University, from the University Hardship Fund.

For further information see the page on ChildCare Grant or contact us in Student Financial Guidance

I am living in an all student house and we have been sent a reminder about our TV licence. As we are all students, do we have to pay it? And is it likely that we might get caught if we decide to ignore it?

Students are not exempt from paying for a TV licence, and it is a big risk to use a TV and not have a licence. TV detector vans are used to find non-payers and they have sophisticated equipment to help them. Penalties for non-payment can be severe. You can arrange to spread the cost of your licence by paying by instalments.

For further information, see or TV License Info.

How do Student Loans work? How are they paid? And how do I repay them?

Please see Student Loans Information. You can find information on Student Loan interest, the payments structure, as well as the government's repayment model that the Student Loans Company loans follow (i.e. both the Tuition Fees Loan and the Maintenance Loan).

If I have money problems and want to get financial guidance or to try and get some more money while I'm a student, who can I contact?

Contact us here at Student Financial Guidance . We offer a free, confidential, service to all prospective and current students of the University. We are happy to discuss any aspect of a student's financial situation and should be able to offer you practical support, information and guidance to help you continue on your course.

As a starting point, you may find the the following information useful here.


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