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The Royal College of Physicians advice is:
• Vaping isn't completely risk-free but is far less harmful than smoking tobacco.
• If you’ve switched to vaping and are finding it helpful to stop you smoking, and are not suffering any adverse effects, then carry on, don’t go back to smoking.
• Vapers should only be buying from mainstream suppliers who are selling regulated products, to use black market products may carry potentially lethal risks.
• When you’re buying e-cigs you can check with the retailer whether their vaping products are notified/regulated products — if the retailer doesn’t know, then go somewhere where the retailer can confirm their products are regulated.
• Anyone concerned about adverse effects from an e-cigarette they’re using should immediately report this to the MHRA, using the yellow card scheme. Information about this is available here.
• If you’re experiencing serious adverse effects which you think are due to vaping, then stop vaping and get advice from your doctor
• We must continue to monitor the use of vaping, particularly in younger people, including the marketing approaches of big tobacco to this group

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