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Smoking is the single biggest preventable cause of premature death in the UK today. Every year, over 100,000 people die from smoking related causes, killing 1 in every 2 long term users. It is estimated that just over 40,000 Sunderland residents smoke and levels of smoking amongst children are higher than England as a whole.

Visit the NHS Quit Smoking page if you find you are struggling with smoking and want to quit. You can also submit a referral form to our service to talk to our team about your cigarette use and we will make sure that you are linked in with the relevant support to help you.

Tobacco smoke is recognised as being harmful to health and there is no recognised safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. Anyone breathing air contaminated with tobacco smoke is being placed at a level of risk to their health, whether this is directly as a result of smoking or indirectly through ‘passive’ smoking.

The University

The University of Sunderland aims to promote the health and wellbeing of its students, staff and visitors by providing a healthy and smoke free environment. Whilst acknowledging that smoking is a matter of personal choice, the University recognises the responsibility it has to the majority of its students, staff and visitors who are non-smokers and to all those who smoke who wish to work or study in a smoke free environment. 

Within the university smoke free policy found here the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping is considered to be smoking and therefore subject to the same principles and arrangements on campus.

In 2019 a staff and student survey relating to the cleanliness and appearance of our campuses, the University installed a number of designated shelters for use by those staff, students and visitors where smoking and vaping is permitted.  The shelters are located on both City and St Peters Campus in key locations.

Smoking and Covid-19

The latest advice to smokers and vapers from Public Health England (29 May 2020) is that if you smoke, you generally have an increased risk of contracting respiratory infections and of more severe symptoms once infected.

Coronavirus symptoms may, therefore, be more severe if you smoke. Stopping smoking will bring immediate benefits to health, including if you have an existing smoking-related disease.  Lots of people have quit smoking in recent months and if you want to quit, there's lots of support available to help.




Want to quit?

There are lots of ways to quit, the Sunderland Stop Smoking Service can help to find the right one for you. Whether that’s through self management such as e-cigarettes, or with the support of a smoking cessation advisor, they will help you on your journey.  

Smoking cessation services in Sunderland are provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like support to quit smoking, please contact them on:0191 567 1057 or freephone: 0800 169 9913

Sunderland Specialist Stop Smoking Service at https://wellbeinginfo.org/services/sunderland-stop-smoking-service/

Top 10 tips for quitting smoking

• Everyone is different – some successful quit attempts are planned, but loads of people manage to quit without planning
• Work out when you’re most likely to smoke and change your routine to avoid those situations for a while.
• Make a list of reasons in your head – e.g. health, family, money.
• Think about quitting smoking as a pay rise.
• Get the best support – there’s loads of help, advice and support available from your local Stop Smoking Service.
• Ask your family and friends to support you – and not to try to tempt you to smoke
• Consider an electronic cigarette to help stay free of tobacco. E-cigs are the most popular quitting aid in the UK and are estimated to be around 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.
• Try some of the free tools to keep you going from the national Smokefree website – choose from the quitting app http://www.nhs.uk/smokefree
• It is usually better to stop abruptly than cut down to quit.
• Don’t feel disheartened if you fail – come back more determined

External Support

Sunderland NHS Specialist Stop Smoking Service offers free, friendly, confidential support and advice to help people who want to stop smoking. As well as providing specialist advice and support to quit, the service can offer telephone advice for those not wishing to access the specialist service. This includes signposting to other local community services and tips and tools to help with giving up. See Stop Smoking Sunderland or call 0800 169 9913.

For more information about smoking and COVID-19 see Today is the Day: https://www.todayistheday.co.uk/  

FRESH dedicated programme to tackle smoking in the North East

NHS Smoke Free offers Quit Kits, face-to-face support, a mobile app, and email and text support

ASH is a public health charity focused on eliminating the harm caused by tobacco

Stop Smoking Sunderland - 0800 169 9913

South Tyneside and Sunderland Going Smoke Free


NHS Smoking Services help you to quit


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