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Students in Accommodation

Moving into student accommodation may be your first experience of living with others outside of your family. While it can be daunting at first, this setting provides you with a range of different opportunities such as making new friends, experiencing the joys of independent living, and fostering a community within your halls.

Your RA's are here to help:

What is an RA? RA's (Residential Assistants) are your first point of contact for out of hours questions and queries, offering you support in whatever you might need in your accommodation. They are there to provide a safe and secure residence and promote and coordinate events that you can enjoy!



Biser, John, and Nico are your RA's for Clanny House. Do not hesitate to contact them!


Zoe, Michael, Lavie, and Hoda are the RA's for Panns Bank and Scotia Quay. Get in touch if you need their assitance.

Your RA's are there to support you within accommodation; there is always someone to contact. They also can help with planning and promoting events that you wish to see happen within you halls!

Each accommodation has their own dedicated Facebook page in which you can speak with students at the same accommodation as you as well as talk to your RA's.

Panns Bank:

Scotia Quay:

Clanny House:

The Forge:


If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact your RA's via their respective contact details. If you have any broader suggestions on how the University can enhance your time as a student contact us at

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