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Letter Requests

From time to time, both during and after your studies you may be required to obtain official documents from the University of Sunderland to prove your student status for a variety of different reasons.

Please see below a list of the common letters The Gateway Enquiry Desk can provide and where to get them from. 

Student Status Letter - Current Students

An Attendance Letter confirms that you are a student at the University of Sunderland. The letter confirms your mode of study, whether full time or part time, as well as the course you have enrolled onto and also the course start date and expected end date.

This letter is made out "To whom it may concern" and can be used for a variety of purposes including council tax reduction.

Current students can access this letter through e:Vision

Please note, an Attendance Letter does not prove eligibility to work for International Students.

Bank Letter

A Bank Letter confirms that you are a student here at the University of Sunderland for the current academic year for the purpose of opening up a student bank account, or alternatively switching your current account to a student account.

It confirms your mode of study whether full time or part time, as well as the course you have enrolled onto and also the course start date and expected end date. The letter also notes the two addresses we have for you; your home address and term time address as well as personal details such as your date of birth and nationality.

The letter includes a statement for our Overseas students which advises the Banking provider that the University is registered with the UK Visas & Immigration Office.

Please note, The Gateway do not recommend Banking providers. We advise that you take a look around at each provider to see which provider is suitable for your banking needs.

Transcript of Results

Your Transcript will show you everything you need to know in regards to your academic progression here at the University.

You will be able to obtain your transcript via e:Vision and will be able to save this as a PDF - simply use your web browser options to 'Print' and then print to adobe PDF.

There's two types of transcripts you can obtain:

Full Transcript - by clicking on the 'View your Transcript' button you will be able to see your transcript for the full duration of your studies. This will then be broken down by academic year and overall module marks. It will not show individual assessment marks.

Academic Year Transcript - by clicking on the academic year results button you can see all your results for that particular academic year. This transcript will be broken down by module and will show each assessment grade within those modules.

International Working Letter

Our International Working Letter is a specific letter for our international students which will show the employer your student status along with providing guidance on the restrictions and regulations around working based on your Tier 4 visa.

The International Working Letter will contain your student status details but will also include the next vacation period of your programme which will show when you are not 'in session' and therefore able to work further hours than detailed on your immigration documents.

If you're an international student who requires a working letter, please Submit an Enquiry via Compass.

Reference Request

Reference requests are commonly used for applying for further study or for job purposes. If you require a reference for further study or for job purposes you may be able to provide the individual/organisation with a Student Status Letter which will confirm your current study details. You can obtain this student status letter yourself via the Self Service on e:Vision.

If you require a reference that is in regards to your conduct and knowledge of specific areas, you should direct this request to a Programme or Module Leader or your Personal tutor.