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TeesWear Varsity

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TeesWear Varsity

TeesWear Varsity is the annual sporting event that sees University of Sunderland sports teams take on those from Teesside University. The one-day event started in the year 2000 and saw students from across 20 teams play each other in their chosen sport.

Thought up by Sports and Recreation Officer Nick Gore, the idea was to create a regular competition over one day between the University of Sunderland and local University, Teesside to build up support for the Sunderland teams and pull the competing teams together to support one another.

Sunderland have fought hard over the years against their local rivals to bring home the coveted Varsity Trophy with the score currently standing at 11-6 to Teesside.

Team Sunderland currently hold the trophy having defeated Teesside 21-12 in 2023.