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Anonymous Student Feedback


"Going into counselling as somebody who has never had any form of it before, Nicky made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. Nicky herself helped me tremendously in terms of gaining confidence and improving my overall mood in terms of day-to-day life. She spoke to me as a friend, which made it extremely easy to open up to her. The service was extremely beneficial in that it gave me a 'safe place' in order to talk about problems with somebody outside of my family or friends"

"When I was first referred to the wellbeing service I was not coping well and I was struggling to open up, trust people, and ask people for help. Having the sessions has helped me gain a better understanding of how to cope with issues in a positive way (Uni and non-Uni stuff) I think now I am able to think things through better, take a step back from the situation, and put things into perspective. I think now I really try to look after myself (something I didn't do before) and I generally feel a lot happier and positive about everything. When I come back to Uni in September, I think I am going to be able to cope in certain situations better than I have this year. "

"Right now, I have space and time to carry on medicating and taking care of my wellbeing. I feel more positive and release a lot of attachments and negative thoughts. I eat and sleep better most days. I smile more ..."

"I had a series of amazing chats with Dave. Truly life-changing... I will always be grateful for this service and would highly recommend it to others. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and feel like the university wellbeing team is truly able to help. Thanks so much!"

"Ashley was so wonderful to speak to. Of course, with an initial assessment, it's hard to immediately address the difficulties or understand the reasoning behind it. However, Ashley was extremely professional and asked me questions that lead to further insight into how it can be approached. She let me speak without interrupting and provided empathy, she is wonderful...Thank you, Ashley."

"Donna was always beside me, supporting and encouraging in all the bad days and hard situations; Listening to me without hesitation. Every time when I feel hopeless, sad, useless, and depressed she was creating hope and insisting on living day by day and not worrying about the future because everything will be all right. All the ladies Gail, Donna, and Tracey, were so caring and very nice and kind...They really acted as a family."

"The help I have received from the service has been invaluable. I was seriously considering giving up the course. I was floundering, questioning my ability, suffering from severe anxiety, and worry about my future with the University. Having someone to discuss these feelings with has been so helpful and I would definitely recommend the service to other students feeling like this."  

"I felt lost and hopeless, to be quite honest, about my academic career and life in general. It wasn't great. I had already failed a year and didn't feel like I could get on top of things to fix that. Now, on the other hand, I feel more confident, more organized, and quietly optimistic about things moving forward. And it was nice being able to talk to someone about everything and get advice and materials to help. I've still got a ways to go, but it feels much easier now than before."

"Dave was great at giving advice on managing my anxiety. I have been going through quite a difficult time and he gave me ways to cope which included breathing exercises, sleeping advice, and ways to manage my anxious thoughts. I genuinely feel like I have learned so much about myself and my anxiety. He gave me the tools I needed to really start helping myself."

"The Wellbeing service has enabled me to identify myself better, to know what I really want in life. I have also known how to balance my life, I tend to overdo things and the service enabled me to slow down and enjoy the moment I am in. It has also reduced my anxiety to a great extent." 

My experience at university has been difficult and topped with things happening at home, plus unexpected life events, things became complicated. Using the Wellbeing support at university has helped unravel many spirals for me, and allowed me to stay in university with a clearer mind. Time management skills were introduced to me along with assertiveness and the prompted ability to look after my mental wellbeing which had an immensely positive impact on my studies. 

Arran Coram

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

I accessed the Student Wellbeing team, and I was recommended this by a friend who had already accessed the service.

My mental health and well-being impacted me dramatically whilst being at university, I really struggled to get motivated to engage with the course and carry out assignments to my full potential. I had feelings of anxiety and worry, this played a factor on my ability at the university.

The support from the university team was outstanding, I received advice on how to manage my feelings and help gain what I was missing, this being my motivation. I was taught coping mechanisms and techniques that I still use now. 

If you need help, reach out to the well-being team, it may help make the change for you too.

Moesha Ezeala

BSc (Hons) Medicinal Chemistry


The Wellbeing team has opened so many doors for me to form the best version of myself and form a better relationship between me and life. My whole mindset of life has changed completely. I thank the well-being team so much for supporting me on my journey of forming the best version of myself.

My main fear was not being able to open up, but the Wellbeing team made me feel so welcome and comfortable, and my fear had completely disappeared. Personally, before attending sessions with the well-being team, the reflective practice was not part of my daily routine. After multiple sessions, I was able to incorporate reflective practice into my daily routine to develop myself personally and professionally.

Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay and break everything down so you can allow yourself to change the way you look at things.

The Wellbeing team at the University of Sunderland is absolutely life-changing.


BSc (Hons) Criminology


I joined the University of Sunderland in September 2020 and the disability team got in contact with me prior to starting to see what I needed support around, and they referred me to the Wellbeing team to also get additional support for my mental wellbeing.

Both my wellbeing advisor and disability advisor came together to help reassure me that putting extenuating circumstances in for one of the modules would be the best thing for my wellbeing and physical health as I had an operation at the start of the year, and this had also affected my mental health as It took a while to recover, and I could not concentrate on my studies. The support has been amazing.

Without their support for the year, I do not know where I'd be.

Debbie Simpson

BSc Psychology with Counselling

Debbie Simpson

Although I never accessed the University Wellbeing Service as a service user, I was approached by the Wellbeing Team when I contracted COVID-19. On more than one occasion I was e-mailed by a member of the team asking if there was any way in which they could support me. Being a single mum of two children and feeling quite isolated when my daughter also felt ill, knowing that support was only a phone call or click of a button away was extremely reassuring.

My time working with the Wellbeing Team as part of my Professional Placement really did open up my eyes to the vast amount of support available to students. We are very lucky to have such a huge range of services ranging from Chaplaincy to Self Help CBT to Counselling to name a few YET not enough students are aware of this. 

I have experienced working with this hardworking and dedicated team that really do not get the recognition they deserve.

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