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image of student nurses with a baby


If you are intending to come to the UK to study whilst you are pregnant, there are several factors to think about. 

You should consider whether this is the best time for you to commit to full-time studies. Depending on your course, you will be engaging in lectures, seminars, group work, independent study or even a placement. Undergraduate study requirements are around 1200 hours in an academic year, whilst postgraduate is around 1800 hours of study.  

Managing Time & Finance

If you intend to work during your studies, this will also be a factor. Think about the support that will be available to you, and how you will manage your time. If you have concerns about this, speak to us to explore your options. 

You will also need to think about the financial cost of having and caring for a child in the UK. This will include arranging for suitable accommodation and having access to essential items, including somewhere for the baby to sleep, baby changing supplies, milk/formula if needed, clothing and transportation equipment, including carriers, car seats and pushchairs.

It is important to note that these essentials are not provided by the NHS, so think carefully about your finances and whether you are able to absorb this cost alongside maintaining yourself.

Travelling whilst Pregnant

If you do intend to travel, follow the required advice based on the stage of your pregnancy. Check with your airline, as they may have specific rules in place regarding flying whilst pregnant, and expect documentation from a medical professional. Generally, it is not advised to fly if you are in the final stages of your pregnancy.

If you are a new student and due to travel soon, and would like to discuss your options, email international.office@sunderland.ac.uk for advice.  

UK Arrival

Once you arrive in the UK, it is important to register with a GP as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, this will allow the appropriate services to contact you and understand your circumstances. Please do not wait for too long before seeking advice from medical professionals, as this could impact your pregnancy.

Check our advice on registering with a doctor here. 

Leave of Absence

You should also speak to the University, including both your Programme Leader and the International Student Support team. They will be able to advise and support you throughout your pregnancy and following the birth.

Whilst you will be supported to take the time you need to care for yourself and your child, the University has an obligation to monitor engagement as part of the conditions of your Student Route leave. The length of absence you take will dictate the University’s reporting responsibilities. This information is included within our leave of absence policy. 

Please use the above information and resources to make a safe, informed decision on your next steps.