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US Active

US Active is the participation based arm of the sports delivery at the University of Sunderland. The aim is to get you active at your own pace, there's no competition involved and simply focuses on increasing participation in activity.

There's plenty of opportunity to get involved with new activities, ranging from Pickleball sessions, to Darts as well as water sports and adventure opportunities throughout the week.

US Active is an ideal way to meet new people and allow yourself to try something new without any pressure or expectation. We take a holistic approach to our student and wellbeing, US Active is here for our students to feel like they belong in Sunderland and to ensure they are physically and mentally fit for student life.

Check out the timetable below:

US Active Timetable March 2024



360Player App

All of our US Active sessions & activities are available to sign up to via the 360Player app.

Email ollie.barnett@sunderland.ac.uk for more information