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Induction Timetables

Your Induction Timetable is your guide to your first weeks schedule at the University.

During Welcome Week you'll access all your scheduled sessions through your Induction Timetable which will be focused around your individual programmes needs and is bespoke to you.

Accessing your Induction Timetable

Your Induction Timetable is made available to you once you have completed your Online Enrolment and forms an integral part of your Welcome Week.

You will be able to access your Induction Timetable through the What Next? Checklist on e:Vision. You will see a hyperlink to view your Induction Timetable and when you click on here you will be directed to a web page which will show your Induction Timetable in a table format.


Understanding your Induction Timetable

As soon as you have access to your Induction Timetable, you'll be able to see where and when each of your Induction Sessions will be held along with a description of the session and any further information the Programme Leader has noted.

Your Induction Timetable is set by your Programme Leader and covers core information that will help you within your first few weeks at University and beyond.

Once you click on the 'View my Induction Timetable' link on the What Next? Checklist you will be directed to a web page to show your Induction Timetable. You will be able to see the date and time of the session, title and description as well as where it's hosted:

On Campus - We will provide you with the Campus, Building and Room Number.

Off Campus - We will provide you with the address and postcode of the session including any important instructions. For example, in some cases you may have a field trip within Welcome Week, or even get to see the beautiful Sunderland coastline. 

Online - We will provide you with a link to the online session along with any specific instructions about how to engage online. The majority of online events will be held through Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment.

Changes to your Induction Timetable

Sometimes your Programme Leader will need to make some last minute adjustments to your Induction Timetable.

Similar to how you will access your Academic Timetable, we always recommend that you always access your Induction Timetable online and that you don't save a copy of it, this will ensure that you're viewing the latest and most updated Induction Timetable and will save you missing any important sessions.

What to Expect

Your Programme Leader has put together your induction timetable to give you the best start to your programme, this will include a variety of sessions specific to your studies as well as key sessions showing you the wide range of support available to you throughout your studies.

Alongside the programme specific sessions you will hear from our Vice-Chancellor Sir David Bell as well as have the opportunity to meet your Faculty Academic Dean, your Programme & Module Leaders and your Personal Academic Tutor.  You will also have the opportunity to meet key support services at the University who are at hand to support you during your student journey.

Accessing your Academic Timetable

Once Welcome Week has ended, you will need to access your Academic Timetable to see when and where your sessions will be held.

Your Academic Timetable changes over the course of the year depending on the modules you are studying so we always recommend you always reference the online version of your timetable.