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Ways of Learning

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Ways of Learning

There are a variety of different ways you will be able to learn on your programme which will include lectures, seminars, workshops, labs as well as self directed study. 


Lectures are one of the main ways that module content is taught. You will often have a lecture for each module and may have multiple lectures depending on the specific curriculum.

Lectures are for all those studying the programme therefore you may be in a sizeable classroom set up. Due to the size of lectures it's common that your Lecturer will present the content of the session to all and engage in small 

All of your lecture content will be shared with you via Canvas, so you can always refer to it in any notes. 


Seminars are smaller sessions that provide you the opportunity to discuss the lecture content with the lecturer and course colleagues to be able to truly understand and get a better insight into what you're being taught.


Practicals are where you get to learn your course content hands on. This could be in the forms of Labs, Workshops or other field based activities where there's activity based around your module's curriculum.

Practicals are commonly longer in duration and often in smaller groups so you can really get engaged with the session.

Self Directed Study

A big part of University is self directed study. This is entirely coordinated by yourself and is your opportunity to learn in your own way, whether that's reading content on the VLE, Canvas, your own notes or using our Library resources.

There's a wide range of support available for self directed study from our learning spaces in the Library to Study Skills support that you can certainly take advantage of.