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Assessments and Exams

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Assessments and Exams

Assessments and Exams are how your understanding and knowledge of your programme is assessed and graded. Programmes can be made up of a variety of different assessments and exam set ups such as practicals, lab reports, written reports and much more. Each assessment or exam will count towards a % of your overall module grade.


Assessments are held throughout the period of the academic year and are here to identify the knowledge you have of your specific module.

Assessments is the name we give to any work that is graded and forms part of the overall result for a specific module. Each module is weighted differently so you may have one assessment that is worth a higher % of your total mark than another. this will be detailed in your Programme Handbook.

Assessment information will always be provided to you by your Programme and Module Leader and will always be scheduled so they won't just pop up throughout the year, assessments are something you will work towards and we have a lot of support available through our Library Study Skills sessions that can assist you.


Exams are held periodically throughout the academic year and form part of the overall assessment of a module. Dependent on your module, you may not have exams at all, or you may only be assessed in exam format.

Exams come in many forms from practical exams as well as written exams. We'll always let students know when an exam is upcoming through our Exam Timetable pages. This will tell you when a module exam is and where you need to go as well as any other additional information such as if it's an open textbook exam.



From time to time, you may need to resit an individual assessment. A resit is the name given to when you are able to resubmit your assessment or resit a particular exam at a later date than the original assessment date. you can either be referred or deferred in your assessments.

Refer - This is when your first assessment submission has not provided you with a suitable grade that would allow academic progression into the next stage or module.If you are referred in your assessments your refer submission may be capped at 40%.

Defer - This is when you are given a new submission date for your assessment when you have not had the ability to submit/sit the assessment the first time around.If you are deferred in an assessment, the assessment will not be capped.

Repeating a Module

If you have failed a module and have already had the opportunity to resubmit your assessments and have also failed that attempt, you will need to retake that module.

Repeating a module is when an academic decision has been made that shows you are unable to academically progress into the next stage of your studies. So you will be retaking the full module again at the next earliest opportunity.