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Re-enrolment is an important part of your return to study. By completing this process, you are confirming your intention to continue your studies for the upcoming academic year.

We also recognise that the start of a new academic year can present new challenges, so we’re ready to support you to ensure your return is as seamless as possible.

You will find lots of useful information on this webpage around common enquiries during re-enrolment, please use the links to get in touch! 

Returning to study?

Re Enrol on e:Vision

Re Enrolment

We have created a handy video to guide you through the steps of the re-enrolment process. Completing re-enrolment in e:Vision will give you the opportunity to confirm your details with the university, including any changes to your personal information and student finance arrangements. 


Re Enrolment Enquiries

If you’re unsure about any part of the re-enrolment process or would like to discuss any issues around your return to University, you can submit an enquiry via Compass to speak to one of our Progression Advisers. 

If possible, we’d recommend letting us know of potential issues well in advance of your return to study, as this will give us time to answer your questions and minimise any impact on your academic experience. 


Student Finance

The re-enrolment process is an opportunity to confirm your student finance arrangements for the upcoming academic year; 2023/4.

If you are self-funding (i.e. paying your own tuition fees) you will be asked to confirm your payment details. Depending on your circumstances, you may be offered an opportunity to pay in instalments. If you receive support to pay your tuition fee via Student Finance, we’ll make sure to send confirmation of your enrolment to the Student Loans Company upon completion of re-enrolment. If you are sponsored by another organisation, please provide details as requested. This is particularly important if you are awaiting confirmation of tuition fee payment from a third party. Any delays to confirmation of invoicing may result in you not being able to complete re-enrolment and impact your ability to re-join your programme on-time.

If you have any questions on student finance, whether this is around tuition fees, maintenance loans or managing your money as a student – contact our Student Financial Guidance team for support.

Student Immigration

As part of your return to study for the new academic year you may have some questions around your immigration status. This may include returning from a leave of absence, have chosen to take a placement which has prolonged the length of your programme, or you are required to repeat part of your course and may need a visa extension.

It is important you hold valid leave for the duration of your course. If you would like to speak to a trained immigration adviser regarding any queries you may have, you can submit an enquiry or book an appointment via Compass, as well as visit the International Student Support website for further information.



We take our students’ health and wellbeing seriously and understand starting a new academic year can be a challenging experience. We want to support you in maximising your experience as a student and fulfilling your potential.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Wellbeing team before your return to study in September, you can complete a referral form.

The Wellbeing team have also curated a fantastic range of self-help resources, providing flexible, informed support when you need it. 


IT Support

We understand that everyone's first language is not computers, so here we have pulled together key resources that can support you during your re-enrolment and beyond. We highlight what e:Vision is, how to access it, and provide you with a troubleshooting guide as well as information on our password reset and authentication processes.

We also have a dedicated portal for your IT-based enquiries that allows you to view knowledgebase articles and submit your own IT support request