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As a returning student enrolment is one of the most important parts of starting your new stage of study. When you re-enrol it will inform the University you are coming back to study with us, so that we can ensure everything is ready for you coming back.

Re-Enrol Online

Once you have received your Re-Enrol email, you'll be able to re-enrol yourself online.

Our re-enrolment process will give you the opportunity to confirm all your details with us which include the details of your programme of studies, your funding as well as your personal details so we can ensure you're set up and ready to go.

As you will have already went through the enrolment process with us when you first started, the majority of the enrolment process will be simply confirming and providing updates. We will actually pre populate a lot of it for you!

Student Finance

If you're a self funder during the re-enrolment process you will be asked to confirm your payment details. You will have the option to pay in full, in 3 installments or 7 installments over the period of the academic year.

If you are sponsored by Student Finance, we'll make sure to end over an enrolment notification to the Loans Company. This is an automatic process that happens each day and is then processed by Student Loans Company in due course. We do experience slight delays from the date we confirm your enrolment with the Loans Company to it showing as confirmed on your Student Loans portal so don't worry if it's not there straight away.

If you are sponsored by another organisation or individual, we'll make sure to invoice them accordingly.

If you are a Canadian student applying for OSAP funding, you will be able to Submit an Enquiry to the Gateway Enquiries team with an editable version of your Confirmation of Enrolment form.

What Next?

Once you have completed your re-enrollment, there's nothing left for you to do other than to engage with your programme.

You will need to check your Academic Timetable for information on your module sessions and also make sure to check Canvas for any updated learning materials for the academic year ahead.

Make sure to also check out our What's New section to ensure you're up to date with any changes while you've been away.