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Access and Understand your Academic Timetable

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Access & Understand your Academic Timetable

My Timetable shows you everything you need to know about your class schedule. Your timetable will tell you what and when your classes and who is taking them.

Your Academic Timetable will start once your Induction Timetable is completed.

Accessing your Academic Timetable

Your timetable is all online and is your guide of where you need to be and when. It shows you everything you need to know about your class schedule.

You can access your Academic Timetable online. You will also be able to access your timetable on My Sunderland as well as through the University App.

It will not only show you what class you're in and where and what time it is, but it will also tell you which of your lecturers will be taking it. Your timetable is split into academic week periods, so you'll need to know how to access and understand the Academic Calendar as well to know which week we're on.

Understanding your Academic Timetable

Your timetable is your class schedule and is tailored for you. It will tell you all the information on all of your teaching sessions which includes; the module title, module code, building and room number as well as which lecturer is taking the class.

Due to the fact your timetable is tailored for you, please ensure you attend the sessions on your timetable. If you attend a different session for the same module, it will affect your attendance %.