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Papercut is the system that allows you to manage your printing, including being able to add printing credits. As long as you are connected to the University network, you will be able to print direct from any University or personal device and will be able to.

Once you have send your materials to print, you can then simply use any of the printers of campus to release your printing.

How to Print

You can print out your work out at any printer across the University campuses. So if you're at City Campus and don't want to carry an array of printing to Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's, you can simply print from City and collect it from any printer at Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's

All you will need to do is log on to your device, open the document you wish to print and click the print button. You can then select from Colour or Black and White depending on your printing preferences.

Once you have clicked print, your document will be added to the print queue and you can release this on any printer across campus. Simply tap your campus card on the contactless symbol on the printer or log in using your University User ID and password. Highlight the print jobs you wish to release and click on print. When you've finished printing you will see your remaining printing credit on the screen. Although the printer will automatically log you out, we always advise that you hit log out when you've finished and collected your printing materials.

From the moment you press print on your device you will have 24 hours to release that printing before the print job is removed from the print queue. 

PrintOnline Service

You can also print from a variety of different devices, not just University PC's. You can do this by using the PrintOnline service.

Log in to PrintOnline using your University User ID and password, choose the document you need to print, the system will then process your print job and ask you to choose a printer. You can print on any on campus printer

Your document will be stored on the University print system for 24 hours before automatically being deleted.

Printing by Email

Simply send an email with the documents attached that you would like to print to printonline@sunderland.ac.uk

You may receive an email back asking you to register your email address with the printing system, if it's the first time you're sending a print job from that email address

After printing, you will need to head over to the PrintOnline service and the "My Print Jobs" screen and click the button for the printer you want your document printed on, or release your print job at a terminal.

If the printer you want to use is not listed, use the "My Printers" menu to add a printer to your list.

Printing Costs

Black and White Printing: 5p per A4 sheet or 10p per A3 Sheet
Colour Printing: 20p per A4 sheet or 40p for A3 sheet

To add credit to your account, please visit Papercut or Payportal and click Printing.

You can add any of the following amounts via the top up service, £0:20, £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00, £10.00, £15.00 and £20.00, the system cannot refund unused credit, therefore, we recommend you only add the credit to your account that you will use.