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Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is completely normal, feeling as though you should be completing a particular task but finding any excuse not to get started. This can often happen when the reality or day to day kick in and it is something that we all experience from time to time. Learning how to combat procrastination can be tricky but do-able, maybe it’s useful to consider what it is preventing you from completing a specific task.

Just like learning your course material, gaining knowledge of how to tackle life challenges can go hand and hand with starting a University course. There are plenty of skills that you already have in altering these habits.

Consider how you have prioritised your ‘to-do’ list, if you have an assignment due or presentation you may think that although it may seem that your deadline is a long way in the future, however often the most difficult tasks can sometimes be the ones that we put off for a lengthy period of time.

Forgive previous avoidance

If you have found in the past that you have had a tendency to avoid certain tasks and have procrastinated then forgive yourself for this. As mentioned it is normal to struggle with completing things from time to time and it doesn’t mean that you will experience this to the same extent again.

Be time specific

Adding a time to something can help you to stick to a schedule or goal, if you know that doing something will take a particular amount of time then it can help you to proactively tackle your workload.



If you find yourself thinking things like “I have to do this” try to reframe this to “I could do this” it can help you to avoid feeling excess pressure/stress.


Find how best you work

If you are most motivated in the morning then start your tasks then but if you are a night owl there would be no point in starting a task at this stage. Planning and organising how you are going to approach something before you begin can aid you in feeling more in control of the task at hand.

Remember it is normal to procrastinate and the first step to overcoming it is to recognise it, you’ll get there!

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