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Immigration Health Surcharge

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Immigration Health Surcharge

If you apply for a UK visa online, you pay Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as part of the application.

You usually need to pay the healthcare surcharge if you’re applying for a visa or immigration application:

  • for more than 6 months, if you’re applying outside the UK,
  • for any length of time, if you’re applying inside the UK.

You can use the UK's National Health Service (NHS) when you have paid the healthcare surcharge (or are exempt from paying it), and your visa/immigration application has been granted.

How much IHS must you pay?

For Student visa route applications, and Student route dependant applications, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) fee is £776 per year of permission applied for, per person.

For Graduate visa route applications, and Graduate route dependant applications, the IHS fee will be £1035 per year, per person. 

For more IHS information, you can visit UKVI's UKVI IHS website.

If you have an upcoming UK visa application, you can calculate your IHS total cost using UKVI's online IHS calculator