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We understand that you may want to bring family members with you to the UK during your time of study. International Student Support can advise you and your dependants around the Student Route Visa application process.  

Please note International Student Support offers guidance with joint student + dependant visa applications.  We do not support dependant-only visa appllications.  If you require dependant-only visa support you should seek the assistance of an immigration solicitor.

Who is a Dependant?

Your partner and your children are the only family members who can be your Student Route Dependant. Your partner can be:

  • Your wife
  • Your husband
  • Your civil partner
  • Your unmarried partner or same-sex partner

Your children must be under 18 years old at the time they apply. When bringing a Student Route Dependant child to the UK, BOTH parents must also be coming to the UK.

If only one parent is living in the UK please speak to International Student Support as there are limited exceptions to this requirement.

Who can bring a Dependant?

Bringing dependants to join you in the UK will depend on the type of course you are studying and the duration of your stay in the UK. You can only bring dependants if you are studying a course that is 9 months or more and sponsored by the University on a course at RQF level 7 and above.

If, however you are government-sponsored student undertaking a course that is 6 months or more you will be eligible to bring dependants to the UK.

Financial Requirements

Each dependant you bring to the UK must provide evidence that they hold a certain amount of money. This money can be held by the dependant or by you in a bank or building society account.

If you are financially sponsored, you will need to provide an official sponsorship letter.  

Babies born in the UK

If you have a Student Route Visa and you are pregnant it is important that contact International Student Support

If your baby is born in the UK and is not a British citizen, it is quite lawful for the baby to remain in the UK without making an immigration application for permission. However, if you and your baby leave the UK, you will need to ensure that your baby has valid immigration permission when you re-enter the country.


Family visiting the UK

If your family members are not eligible for a Student Route dependant visa, they could visit you under the Standard Visitor Visa route. This allows visitors to stay in the UK for up to 6 months.