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Sabbatical officer talking to students

Sabbatical Officer

Sunderland Students' Union elects students and recent graduates into full time sabbatical officer positions who then act as executive officers of the Students' Union for a 12 month term. These positions are full time paid positions that may have implications on your visa.


If you have been elected to be a Students Union Sabbatical Officer and you have completed your course, you will need to make a new Student Route Visa application. Please contact International Student Support once you have been elected.

If you are in the middle of your course and you currently have valid leave, you can work full time as a sabbatical officer even though the work condition on your BRP card states something different. You will need to inform International Student Support so that this information can be reported to the Home office.

You will need to extend your Student Route Visa at some point so that you can complete your post as a sabbatical officer and complete your studies. International Student Support will guide you through the CAS process 3 months before your current visa is due to expire.